Because we understand what the premium nargile experience is. We are the pioneers of the premium nargile experience in Bulgaria, there is simply no one like us. Smoking shisha is much more than simply tasting the flavors of our premium tobacco, but it is an experience one could enjoy by himself or with the people that make us happy. Our main focuses are quality, high-end experience and setting the new standards within the world of nargile. Details are of paramount importance; this is why our products are carefully chosen in order to fit the premium standards that ZIVA KHALIFA has to offer. Most of our products are handmade in order to be in compliance with the high criteria we have set for ourselves.



We rely on the quality of our tobacco and beautiful interior. In Ziva Khalifa our aim is to ensure a comfortable place for people to experience an authentic Premium Nargile Bar. Our interior has been carefully designed in order to empower the atmosphere and indulge you into the premium tastes that Ziva Khalifa has to offer, ranging from our Shisha all the way to the delicious sweets served with our Arabic Tea. This is like nothing you have experienced before…

ul. “Yakubitsa” 17, 1164 Sofia

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+359 87 8151792

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